Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesdays with Dorie--Cream Scones

It's "please pass your homework to the front of the class" Tuesday with Dorie.....

So this time around I chose a breakfast recipe--Cream Scones from page 27 of "Baking" by Dorie Greenspan. I didn't grow up eating scones; in fact, I only knew scones as something that people got at the Fair (to which I had never been). When I finally did try a scone sometime in Junior High or High School, I was not very impressed. These were the baked goodie that everyone had raved about? These dry biscuity things?

Of course, now I realize that scones are really wonderful, but only freshly baked. I still do not care for the dried out versions served in certain coffee shops. I've made scones a few times over the years--more often recently.

Dorie's cream scones turned out beautifully. I did remove them from the oven after about 19 minutes (instead of 20-22) as mine were turning brown a bit too quickly. The recipe had only one error: it called for 3/4 cup of currants in the ingredient list, but never instructed the baker to include them in the dough.

So here I was, closely following directions--I was all the way to the "gently knead the dough" part when I glanced up and saw my bag of dried Zante Currants. Did I miss it? (I do tend to skim written material) But, no, the instruction wasn't there. Well, I didn't want plain scones, so I dumped the 3/4 cup of currants on my kneaded dough and folded it over a few times. The result was that several scones contained large quantities of currants and some had nearly none at all.

Overall, however, they turned out beautifully! I like the smaller size of these scones--that way I can eat more of them!


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