Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A little box of chocolates

I just received my March 2009 issue of Seattle Metropolitan magazine entitled "Top Sweets" today. It suddenly hit me that I still haven't written up a little review of my Valentine's treats.

Valentine's Day has never been a very successful holiday for us. It's not that my husband isn't sweet or romantic, because he is quite a thoughtful gift giver. But we've never been able to make a date and go out on this holiday. Maybe it is the proximity it shares with Christmas, and therefore the Christmas bills. Or those crazy high energy bills of December and January. Perhaps it also has to do with kids and babies and the like.

Whatever the reason, I've just put on hold the notion of going out on a romantic date for Valentine's Day until we're past being broke with babies. Honestly, I'm (almost) just as happy with a box of chocolates. That's all I ask for. Flowers are great, too. But, what I really want is a whole box of chocolates just for me. I especially like the caramels and nuts and toffee types; I can totally live without creamy fruit fillings (especially orange!).

This year's pick, though small in quantity, boasted a delicious flavor new to me...actually, it's all the rage right now (I've even seen it at Starbucks). Salted dark chocolate caramels.

Some may think that salt is a strange choice for sweet. But you're totally missing out...you need to try it! Salt is the great enhancer of flavors. My grandfather regularly salted his watermelon. My in-laws salt their cantaloupe. All cakes, cookies, and ice cream require salt to avoid tasting flat.

So next time you're standing in the check out lane of your favorite gourmet grocery store, pick up a box of Fran's Gray Salt Caramels. Support your local candy maker to ensure more confectionery genius melting in your mouth.


bequah said...

These are a family favorite. And, I've heard, Obama's sweet of choice.

Gretchen said...

Mmm. I miss those! I used to get them at the Houghton Market or PCC...I haven't seen them in Texas.

Mommy Gourmet said...

I might be having to get these. I love salty/sweet. Love it!

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