Thursday, September 18, 2008

Birthday Treats

You'll have to forgive me if this is a bit incoherent. It's almost 10 p.m. and I've been up since 6 o'clock this morning. Since this is my husband's night for class, I was a single mom tonight. After reading numerous Dr. Seuss books in my bed with all three kiddos (I could hardly talk by the end!), I put the kiddies to bed and decided that I'd better get cracking on my daughter's birthday cupcakes for her kindergarten class. Tomorrow's the big day for her.

With all the bad luck I've had in baking cakes from scratch, I decided to consult my friend Kasey for some advice. See, every time Kasey makes a dessert that we've eaten, my husband starts lavishing the complements on her. So I've been trying to strive for the "Kasey baking ideal" for quite some time now.

This last summer we went to her daughter's birthday party where she baked these amazingly delicious cupcakes. These were what I was aiming to take. Her secret? A box of yellow cake mix and a small box of instant vanilla pudding. Mix them together, along with the oil, eggs, and water and get ready for the most luscious velvety cupcake of your life.

I frosted them with my vanilla buttercream tinted pink, of course. I really wanted to decorate them with red jelly bellys, but my daughter walked in and said she doesn't like jelly beans. "Yes, you do," I told her, "try one--they're cherry." Unfortunately, she did not get a cherry one, but a cinnamon flavored jelly bean. And if you know my daughter, the teensiest bit of "spicyness" sends her right over the edge. No jelly beans...

That got me to be a little more creative, though. I used a scrap piece of photo paper and cut out a star using an Xacto knife. Then, using it as a stencil, made red sprinkle stars on the cupcakes. So cute! Now, I know some of you out there are actually really amazing at the cake/cupcake decoration, but this type of cake success doesn't happen for me too often, so I'm celebrating this small victory (did anyone see my Transformers "Cube" cake last year??? Not so happy...).


Liza said...

Thanks for the foodbuzz friend request! I look forward to savoring your blog slowly, one bite at a time - food and mothering are such a natural combination!

gretchen said...

A-dorable! Happy Happy Birthday, Dear Girl, from your Texas cowboys.

Did you ever see my robot cake that I made for Colin's birthday last year? It did not look like a robot so much. But it taste good! THe pudding mix thing is something my mom always did and it makes a super tasty cake.

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