Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesdays with Dorie--Birthday Surprise

This baking experience is going to come at you in two installments. That's because this particular recipe from page 48 requires a couple of days to prepare. And...because it's a birthday surprise for my mom who is coming over for birthday dinner at my house tomorrow. (She's a spry 35--isn't that amazing?? Haha, don't worry mom, I've got your back.)

Page 48 required many basic ingredients like sugar, salt, flour, butter, eggs, etc. But there were a couple of special things in there like some whole milk and yeast (which is special in my baking because it doesn't happen too often!). Oh, did I mention there are 3 eggs and--get this--3 sticks of butter! You know it's going to be good. My kitchen smelled amazing in the particular region above the mixing bowl.

Have you ever used a dough hook on your Kitchenaid? I don't very often. During the 10 minutes of Medium-High mixing, I thought my mixer was going to dance right off the counter. I had to keep pushing it back and even tried holding it down at the base. By the time the 10 minutes were up, the bowl had tightened into the base extensively and I had to use all the muscles of my right arm (my left one was already filled and burning with the weight of my 4 month old) to get that bowl loose!

P.S. Thank you to my lovely friend from Redeemer for bustin' my chops about baking. She kindly pointed out that throwing a few things in a paper bag (see last weeks posts) does not count. I'll try to do better (or the baking police are going to take me to jail!). Smiles to Julia.


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