Friday, October 17, 2008

Ricotta Q&A

There have been a few questions regarding the ricotta...

1. What is the yield? (Actually, no one used that sentence, but it makes me sound official--more like "How much ricotta does it make?")

About 3 cups

2. How does it compare with store bought?

In my opinion, it is creamier and possibly more mild (although ricotta is about as mild as it comes anyways). Certainly, it tastes fresher.

3. Can you make it with goat's milk?

Try it and let me know. But I'm sure you can--good idea.

4. What uses are there for ricotta?

Lasagna, ravioli filling, a creamy spread for bread. I've seen recipes for ricotta cakes and souffles, but haven't tried them yet.

5. How long does it keep?

About 4 days in the fridge (so I've read--we ate all of ours the first night).


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