Saturday, October 3, 2009

Trend Du Jour: The Taco Cart

Uh, ahem...hello. Is this thing on?

I know it's been a while, so let me explain. At the beginning of September, I finally left the ranks of a purely stay-at-home mom and joined the dizzying paced workforce of adjunct professordom. I have to admit, its a little strange being addressed as "Professor" (especially since that's not technically true!). I'm feeling a little old, not having the slightest idea about current music requested during studio work times.

But on top of that big change, there was the even bigger surprises my husband had in store this fall. There was a whirlwind interview out of state, an offer, some agonizing about whether to take it, then the obligatory "tears because of change", an acceptance of aforementioned job, a very long weekend spent driving (7 hours each way) and looking at new housing, then tearful goodbyes to daddy who would have to spend three months on his own in the new town. Oh, and then it was all for naught because the boss was too far gone on the crazy woman side of the tracks having misrepresented the kind of commitment she sought (both kidneys, a cornea, and the firstborn, no kidding).

So after the emotional rollercoaster (actually more like a jetliner in a lightning storm with one engine out), we have our man back, albeit unemployed. It's been a very great couple of weeks with him back. Lots of housework is getting done, my cooking load lightened. He and the baby have become very tight.

Last night, when the older kids went to Grandma's for the night, he made it all up to me (and the baby) by an all expenses paid dinner out. Nothing says love like the gas station parking lot, a little Google CEO on NPR, and the special from the taco stand in Totem Lake called Burrito Mojado.

Five meaty little tacos, a little cilantro and onion, some salsa verde, and a squeeze of fresh lime. All washed down with the included HFCS beverage in the red can. Cheap delicious eats. And he had even worked it out with the baby so that she fell asleep just minutes before we arrived and stayed asleep during the whole dinner-in-our-sweet-minivan experience. (There are tables set up outside the cart, but our car was warmer!)

And since everything is perfectly hunky dory now (at least until the next major surprise), maybe I can jump back on the food blogger train. I definitely owe it to my readers to let you in on my husband's very own Chicken Prosciutto Roulade recipe.

Hasta Luego, Amigos.


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