Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lots of Spotted Bananas???

If you have more than 3 ripe bananas....

1. Double your recipe and
~freeze one loaf
~take a loaf to that neighbor you should have introduced yourself to months ago


2. Peel remaining bananas, break into chunks and freeze. Put 2 or 3 in a zip lock bag, then you can easily thaw and bake for your next banana bread craving or use frozen in a smoothy for added creaminess in place of dairy products!


3. Send them to my grandpa in Iowa who swears by black bananas. (Yuk! I think he just likes to gross us out!)


Denise Clarke said...

You should live in Florida where we have banana trees ... one day you have no bananas and then you have 200! It seems they all get ripe on the stack at the same time. Lot's of bread, daquari's and frozen bananas ... LOL!


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